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Serpentine Gallery

Tate Modern

Palais de Tokyo

National Portrait Gallery London

The Centre Pompidou

EartMan Summits Mt. Blanc

Art Basel - Vernissage Performance

Normandy American Cemetery



Videos of EarthMan: � Video - EarthMan in London

  EarthMan in Seattle

YouTube - EarthMan in Chicago

EarthMan with Cy Twombly at the Tate Modern - Video

EarthMan on the cover of The Stranger

World Tour - Tactical Performances, Sightings and Appearances

EarthMan has performed in Houston (Divers Works, Art Car Museum, Foto Fest, Art Car Parade), Austin(Texas State Capital, Austin Museum of Art, Art Car Parade), Jeddo, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonoma County, Charlotte, Monaco, Callas(France),London(Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, 7 miles of the London Marathon, Speakers Corner, Covent Garden Piazza), Lincoln (Lincoln Catherdral and Steep Hill), Arlesey, Cambridge and Cambridge University(England), Paris(Palais de Tokyo, Musee de l'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou), Normandy American Cemetery, Geneva(MAMCO, Centre d'art Comtemporain Gen�ve, Mont Blanc Bridge, UN Office at Geneva), Fort l'�cluse, L�az, Ain, France, Montreux, Art Forum Montreux, Basel, Art Basel Vernissage, Seattle(City and Seattle Art Museum, Bob's Salsa party), Herbert Bayer's Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks(Kent,WA), Vancouver, BC, Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Select Media Festival, Magnificent Mile, Miami (Miami Beach, Art Basel Miami Beach, Pulse Miami, Scope Miami, Rubell Family Collection, Bridge Miami, Fountain Miami), and around and around. . .

EarthMan performances may involve the planting of trees, the handing out of flowers, broadcasting seeds, and other events,  or just passing through  environments whether human populated or not.  Most performances are documented on both film and video.

EarthMan Home Page

If you have photos or video of any EarthMan performances, please contact: [email protected]

EarthMan (Earth(hu)man) Project is an ongoing sculptural, performance, installation, video and net project by  Dion Laurent.  Earthman is part of Dion Laurent's Air-Terrarium series.

Documentation via still photo and video of performances will be updated periodically.






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