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Dion Laurent's Travel Series began in 1990 in Nashville with his first bulldozer painting, and during travels through Europe that same year, the concept started taking shape. In 1991 with a trip to Jamaica at the beginning of the Gulf War the series began in earnest.  His first paintings there were of the dynamic beauty of the scenery, though quickly shifted to the central theme of the war...oil.  He painted his first gas station, and a smokey old dump truck that he saw daily in a sharp contrast to the beautiful pockets of a tropical paradise.

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Dion continued this theme of seeking and painting natural beauty throughout Southeast Asia and Western Europe, and followed his compulsion to paint the ubiquitous gas stand and heavy machinery. Though he was unable to complete each of these three works for the 25 countries he has thus far visited, the series has blossomed and is the backbone of his efforts and installations since 1990.  He intends to continue this series in Central and South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Africa, and the South Pacific, thus completing a Global portrayal of Humankind's widespread interaction with our Eco-system.

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Landscapes Gas Pumps Earth Movers

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