Instant nominations of jumbled praise for Dion Laurent as the greatest living artist (text from email inbox):

Please CLICK on one that you can live with and send it along (after you've visited the MONA site or the actual museum)


Would you look at my innermost thoughts anonymously  website, and by the way, I vote For Dion Laurent
I am the Greatest Living Artist, but for this week  I'll vote for Dion Laurent
What is this, The the artists demonstrate how simple programming rules can create an infinite number of elaborate patterns What the hell! I'll vote for Dion Laurent
NO shit! I thought a demonstration of disconnected voices the bastard was dead! A vote for Dion Laurent
In case Luciandigital 'theatre of life' dies, as a backup I'll vote for Dion Laurent
Buy done a clone Dion Laurent
I want human barcode to be mathematical model of cell growth Dion Laurent
Hi, I vote For Made in Dion Chinese and American Laurent
 What I am already getting even Republicans writing me back would art be without Dion Laurent
Imagine send a nasty political scandal letter to George Bush and Tony Blair art without Dion Laurent
A case of beer Can you please send me someand entry to election scandal for Dion Laurent
Buy tried to fix the electronic poll witty social comment, graphically portaryeda Dion Laurent
After getting a thousand from you the other dayI want to be Dion Laurent
Hi, thenk you to participate in our exhibitionI vote For Dion Laurent
 The Greatest Keywords SMS, voyeur, publish, collaborative, mobile, blog, moblog, text message, reality textLiving Artist- Dion Laurent
Send moneythen off to berlin to announce my european presidential campaign to Dion Laurent
Buyusing mailto and includes tips and tricks for html forms a dinner for Dion Laurent
I wantwanted to devise an experiment to program Dion Laurent
I got stoned compii he's a gaijin with Dion Laurent
  I danced with Dion danced with Dion Laurent
Dion! Can't wait !!!!!Bring the kids!!!!!
I slept I have been waiting for you with Dion Laurent
I wouldn't OK OK OK! sleep with Dion Laurent and our recent RSS blog, and public SMS features and Dion Laurent
 Fuck Chinese and American Dion Laurent
 I'll vote for Right on!! Dion Laurent if you'll show my shit too
 I'll vote for Kisses from FranceDion Laurent
 Dion is a magnificant artist and liberal Greenpeace Anti-War George Bush hating freak
 I arrested Tate Britain will certainly shoot you here Dion Laurent wanted to devise an experiment and Dion Laurent
 Dion, I don't know if I can take the time to vote for a George Bush hating freak!
 Dion Strange cat, but I love him just the same
 Hi, I vote For truly fabulous to have you Dion Laurent
  He's not The Greatest He makes beautiful Living Artist, but I'll vote for Dion Laurent

  I've never slept with him it's time to move on to something slightly more interesting, but I'll vote for Dion Laurent
  I don't understand you artist people, but I'll vote for Dion Laurent
  He can keep up with me at the bar so I'll vote for Dion Laurent