The Shelter Project

Part IV

The House That George Built

O2 Air Station - 2003

Dion Laurent

The Bush Administration urged us all to prepare a plastic sheeting and duct tape room in our house � so I did. It evolved to it�s current form and now is The O2 Service Station, The House that George Built.

Theoretically, it�s a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment, a one room gas station supplied air via ducts from the oxygen-generating cubed terrarium. A small exhaust fan in the room vents out cool and heavy CO2 to the terrarium, and the A/C cools the warm humid oxygenated air of the terrarium to the room. In front, the Air Gas Pump, and Air Phone, both supply fresh filtered Oxygen via the terrarium concept, the Air Gas Pump with an electric fan and gas mask delivery system. It�s essentially a one-stop bio/chem attack or ozone action day pit stop shop for fresh air and water. Or rather, on a beautiful day when all the world is at peace, it�s just a paradise, a self-contained, self sustaining bio-environment, Earth.

Dion Laurent review - The Shelter Project

A review of "The Shelter Project" installation by a London based internet art extravaganza...


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Opening Party:  Friday, June 13, 2003

Poissant Gallery

5102 Center Street

Houston, Texas



This Installation Will Remain at Poissant Gallery for Art Houston 2003.

Opening  July 12, 2003.


"Everyone should have a room in their house sealed with plastic sheeting and duct tape"


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"In a news conference, Ridge clarified the Homeland Security Department's suggestion on Monday that citizens buy duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal windows in case of an attack with biological, chemical or radioactive weapons"


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"The Shelter In My Home" (installation)


Paintings, Sculptures, and Installations

Of The Shelter Project

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DaisyCluster1w.jpg (74868 bytes)

Daisy Cutter-Fuck


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MemorialWallw.jpg (35797 bytes)

Memorial Wall (installation)


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Shelter,Gas Guns, Daisy Clusters, Bar Coded, and Explosions(All Series-in-Progress)

A Work-in-Progress

Proposed to Poissant Gallery, Houston in February 2003

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