EarthMan and AirPort

Dion Laurent

Airport  An Installation and Performance Project

Dion Laurent

          In a world of ever increasing air pollution, ozone action days,
water shortages and droughts, I have created Air Port.

Theoretically, it's a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment; a
one-room emergency Air-Port supplied air via ducts from the
oxygen-generating Waterfall Air Terrarium.  A small exhaust fan in the room
vents out cool and heavy CO2 to the Waterfall Air Terrarium, and fan and
air duct delivers the warm humid oxygenated air of the terrarium to the
shipping container - a simple biosphere exchange system.

AirPort is EarthMan's survival pod, his base of
comfort, research and plant propagation. Yes, he is the guy in the silver
reflective suit with the Terrarium BackPack Oxygen/Air survival system.

Inside The Air Port, the Personal Air Stations supply fresh filtered Oxygen
via the terrarium concept, both with an electric fan and medical oxygen mask
delivery system.  As well, an Air/Water component provides both air and
water decidedly to sustain human beings and other living things.

Again, literally yet theoretically for an indoor installation, the roof of
the Air Port is oversized to provide a sufficient surface area for rain
run-off to supply water for the terrariums, the Air/Water component, and for
the Waterfall Air Terrarium component.  Run-off is directed through gutters
to a cistern and then on to a row of 5 gallon water bottles with sand and
charcoal filters before dripping onward to each component of the
installation.  Inside the Air Port there will be a bar with stools in which
people may have fresh filtered water on tap.

The Waterfall Air Terrarium and each terrarium of the Air Port shall be
created as an indigenous bio-environment of the Bay Area.  The waterfall,
stream and pond will include rocks from along the San Francisco Bay.  As
well, the soil for the Waterfall Terrarium and each of the terrariums for
this project will be from along the banks of the San Francisco Bay.  The
plant species will be indigenous to the Bay Area, and a variety of species
of non-invasive and harmless insects and reptiles, and small fish for the
Waterfall Air Terrarium may be included in the terrariums.  The water used
throughout the project will be locally collected rainwater. A small electric
pump will circulate the water from the pond to the top of the waterfall, and
one electric fan will pump filtered air from the Waterfall Air Terrarium to
a row of medical oxygen masks.

The Air Port is essentially a one-stop pit stop shop for fresh air and
water.  Or rather, on a beautiful day when the entire world is at peace, it'
s just a paradise, a self-contained, self-sustaining bio-environment, a
World in A Room.

Dion Laurent

July 2005

AirPort and EarthMan Photos



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 I will be at the installations Thurs through Sunday 11:00 - 4:00 PM each day through August 7.  I will perform on occasion each day as EarthMan.

The Bayennale closing celebrations party will be at the Container Installation Hub in Jack London Square next to Jack London's rebuilt Alaskan Cabin.

Closing Party is from 4:00 - 9:00 PM, Sunday August 7


Bayennale: Bay Area International Art Festival
July 22 to Aug 7, 2005

For two weeks in July and August, the San Francisco Bay Area will play host to artists from all over the world who will come to participate in the first ever Bayennale, Bay Area International Art Festival. Modeled after the biennials held in London and Berlin, the Bayennale is an artist-fueled event coordinated by artists under the guidance of Lowell Darling, Bill Allen and instigators including, The Lab of San Francisco,  Marianne Wagner-Simon of Berlin., and  the direction of Elisabeth Beaird. Sponsored by the Port of Oakland.


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